[Tig] Polonium

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 And don't forget to add ground up glass from those high refractive index 
lenses which used thorium to increase the refractive index. (I believe)
If the radioactivity doesn't work, the ground glass will...

 By the way what did the dog do to deserve such a fate?


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>> I haven't seen one of those negative brushes in years (that's a blink  of 
>> an eye in half-life terms), but I remember that the deadly dust  appeared 
>> to be merely glued on a strip of aluminum with a layer of  varnish over 
>> it, then covered with a perforated metal grille.
>> Now in the absence of that element, one can still irradiate the 
>> neighbor's dog with the following household items: Radium watch  dials, 
>> Americium smoke detectors, and Thorium gas mantles.  Here's a  story 
>> about a kid with too much time and a little homemade breeder  reactor on 
>> his hands:
>> http://www.dangerouslaboratories.org/radscout.html
>> Happy rad counting,
>> Sam Dlugach
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