[Tig] Polonium

Bruce Goodman bruce-goodman at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 2 04:56:56 GMT 2006

--- Rob Lingelbach <rob at colorist.org> wrote:

> there was one dumpster-diver (homeless person who
> goes into the
> garbage container for those unfamiliar with the
> term) living in the  
> alley behind the facility.   His nickname bestowed
> by Editellians
> was Dusty,

His name was Douglas and he really disliked being
called Dusty. There was another back alley denizen
whose name I don't recall. He had dreadlocks, often
went shirtless and was never seen without his push
broom. Perhaps he used polonium in his brooms.

Bruce Goodman
Laser Pacific Media Corp.

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