[Tig] FREE Digital Cinema Screening of South Pacific from the65mm Negaitve (fwd)

Steven Bradford sbradford
Tue Jan 31 19:26:53 GMT 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG

>>It was mentioned the team that manufactured the original
color filters made a new set for this restoration. The colors were
terrific - kind of reminded me of various colors I used to get from the Boom
Pop Popsicles ice sticks.

Okay, I don't get this. Why would new color filter be needed for a digital restoration? For reference purposes?
As I remember it, from when this was transferred at Crest in the early 80s, we were commenting on how the color effects were done in camera, so they would be locked in, and no one could remove them in the future, either a producer or whoever. Do you remember when we were doing South Pacific Rob?

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Collins College
Tempe Arizona

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