[Tig] NTSC T2T from 24p project

Tristan La Fontaine tlaf
Thu Jan 5 12:11:04 GMT 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG

I'm doing a little touch up for a preview master for the US. Standard specs apply: shot @ 24, transfered NTSC, cut in Avid 24p project. Now its come to us and we've conformed it from the SP (NTSC) via the avid in a 24p project (from a 24 fps edl) and back out to digi (NTSC). So the 2:3 sequence is continuous (and correct) and the field dominance on each cut is arbitrary. Yep pretty simple stuff. The avid cant dictate field dominance in the edl (i believe) and the scene list is a simple database that doesnt care what the tape is doing - we all know this too. I know this type of job is done all the time, and i bet its really simple and we've probably just overlooked something equally simple. So I was hoping that before we start dissecting the situation someone could jump in and give us a bit of a nudge to save us some time.
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