[Tig] The golden eye/brain? / perfect pitch for color

Dick Hobbs dick
Tue Jan 10 08:04:11 GMT 2006

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Talking about perfect pitch may be a far old way off topic for a  
group specialising in visual acuity, but that has never stopped us  

True perfect pitch is a gift, and those who have it tell me that they  
instinctively know what notes are what.

When I was a very active musician I developed a very strong memory  
for pitch, and so could fool at least some of the folks into thinking  
that I had perfect pitch. The simplest trick was to recall the sound  
of an oboe giving the tuning A at the beginning of a concert and work  
out from that.

It seems to me that this could be the better analogy for strong  
colour memory: you know what certain key elements are and can work  
out the relationships to the rest.

Or maybe I am just talking rubbish, as usual.



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