[Tig] The golden eye/brain? / perfect pitch for color

jeffh1 at nvbb.net jeffh1
Tue Jan 10 19:14:51 GMT 2006

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Jim Houston: "How long a memory for a color can last is an interesting question 

Almost 29 years for me. What color? Star Wars blue. It was '77, I was nine, and back in those days (most of you probably remember) the movie theater marquis (plural?) were almost always the movie logo, as opposed to simple block letters as they are nowadays. I remember standing on Austin Street in Forest Hills under the marquis, looking up at the 'Star Wars' logo - the triangular shape in an attempt to 'fade in' the text, blue with white stars. I stood there awestruck, and I had not even seen a trailer on tv. I can still see that blue in my mind's eye, and every once in a while, I see that shade of blue, and I say, "oh - that's the Star Wars blue".

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