[Tig] Anyone in NYC have a stereo Quad machine?

Ted Langdell ted
Fri Jan 13 19:53:02 GMT 2006

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Hey, Jeff..

Is this worth posting to the AMIA list in case somebody in the 
archiving field has such a beast?

I forwarded the thread to Tim Stoffel and Charles Anderson (yes, that 
Charles Anderson) who are engineering at KNPB, Reno in case they can 

Maybe Tim has or knows of a stereo head for your AVR-3.

He's the curator of Quadruplex Park (google for a good look back at the 
hardware of broadcast Videotape?.  Charlie helped develop the original 
Quad equipment while at Ampex, and as a team member was just awarded a 
Lifetime Emmy for the work.

They're both buried in a major upgrade to HD/Digital and Tim may not 
get to his e-mail at work but should see it at home tonight if he's not 
working too late, so maybe you'll learn something tomorrow.

You may see one or both of them with examples of the format at this 
year's NAB, marking the 50th anniversary of the format's introduction 
at NAB on March 14, 1956.

Hope this is of some help.


On Jan 13, 2006, at 6:53 AM, "" <jeffh1 at nvbb.net> wrote:

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> Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
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> Howdy. I know this is a long shot, but.... if there is someone in NYC 
> that has a 2" Quad machine that they KNOW FOR A FACT is stereo, I am 
> hopeful that they would be kind enough to allow me to bring a Quad to 
> them, and put it up for a few seconds to determine whether or not the 
> Quad is stereo.  We just received a bunch of Quads (alot) and I have 
> reason to believe they might be stereo, tho I can't find out for sure 
> from the client. I have an AVR-3 with two audio outupts (not including 
> the cue track) but that machine has a mono head. The AVR 2 machines I 
> have have stereo heads, but only one audio output, and the audio ch 2 
> meter reads nothing. Does this mean that ch 2 is blank? Could be, but 
> I need to find out for sure before we try and mod anything here. A few 
> swapping/adding cards is not yielding any results (well, a bit of 
> smoke, but only light grey - not black) and I figured the easiest 
> thing to do at this point is to take a tape down to a facility and pop 
> it up on a stereo machine.
> Anybody? I would greatly appreciate the help.
> Jeff Hayat
> Vidipax
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