[Tig] Whither Video?

Rob Lingelbach rob
Mon Jan 23 04:09:33 GMT 2006

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On Mon, 23 Jan 2006 11:55:22 +1100, Dominic Case wrote
> Film will outlive video. It will still be relevant when we 
> (or our successors) will regard video as no more than a 
> short-lived precursor to digital imaging.
> As we throw out analogue technologies, film is the baby, 
> and video is the bathwater.
> But I expect not everyone will agree;-)

well I for one agree with you.  do you know how much film is in the archives at the Library 
of Congress, the UCLA archives, and others?   hundreds of thousands of titles.  

and film is the ultimate generic medium, standards for it are more than a hundred years 
old.   Besides, it has its own value as a visual medium, that video doesn't have.   But
one can't argue with economics in the mode of presentation at the cinema, I suppose...


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