[Tig] FREE Digital Cinema Screening of South Pacific from the 65 mm Negaitve mm Negaitve

Dave Corbitt dcorbitt
Mon Jan 30 22:57:43 GMT 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
At 04:55 PM 1/30/2006, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
>Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
>On Tue, 31 Jan 2006 08:26:26 +1100, Dominic Case wrote
> > But give me Lawrence of Arabia over South Pacific
> > any day.
>It's Julie Andrews' fault.  Her singing I believe was done by someone else..
>give me Richard Rodgers over ...hm, well over most any theatrical composer
>any day :-)   Ezio Pinza, the tenor in the movie, was direct from the 
>Opera I believe, and had little acting experience, and was a 
>sensation.  (anyone
>who knows more than I feel free to correct).  South Pacific and Oklahoma! are
>Rodgers at the summit of his career.

First of all, Julie Andrews was not in South Pacific. The South Pacific 
Broadway role of Nelly Forbush
was originated by Mary Martin and the film role was played by Mitzi Gaynor. 
The part of
Emil De Beque was played on Broadway by Ezio Pinza and the film role played by
Rossano Brazzi with Ezio Pinza doing the vocals while Rosanno lipsynched 
for all the songs.

The tenor in the move was John Kerr who played Lt Cable. This film had a 
major impact on many of
us of a certain age back in 1958 when it was shown as a road show around 
large format houses. In
my instance, I saw it in a Cinerama theater on Long Island as a family 
outing. I still remember it well
and wish I could be in Hollywood tonight to see the projected HD version 
even if it is a much lower
resolution than what I saw 48 years ago on that big screen with all those 
channels of analog audio
pouring out to the audience. You know I'll be ordering an HD or Blue Ray 
DVD of it whenever it
becomes available.

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