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If you see the film tonight... you'll hear the songs Mitzi Gaynor's 
character sings performed by... Mitzi Gaynor.

Mary Martin did the role on Broadway and was apparently "too old" to be 
young Nellie Forbush on film, prompting a search for another lead actor 
(or actress, as you prefer.)

Did anybody notice that the press release that was linked to the 
original e-mail makes a goof in putting the film version of South 
Pacific as debuting "before the advent of Cinemascope."
PR: FotoKem used its Imagica ?Bigfoot? scanner  to digitally recapture 
the faded glory of ?South Pacific,? one of only a handful of 65mm  
widescreen pictures produced before the advent of Cinemascope.

CinemaScope debuted in 1953... and South Pacific didn't appear until 

http://www.widescreenmuseum.com/widescreen/wingto11.htm describes among 
other things... how the Todd-AOfilm speed was dropped from 30fps to 
24fps to enable anamorphic prints in CinemaScope.

The process of squeezing the horizontal aspect of an image during 
photography and unsqueezing it during projection was the 1920's 
invention of a French professor, Henri Chr?tien.

In 1953, Fox acquired rights to the process and renamed it CinemaScope, 
which was originally a name trademarked for a video product. Fox bought 
the rights to the name. (Wonder what the original product was and what 
happened to it.)

It released "The Robe" in the new process in 1953.

If anyone attends, I hope they'll tell us how it looked and what the 
panel said.


On Jan 30, 2006, at 2:07 PM, Rob Lingelbach wrote:

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> Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
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> On Tue, 31 Jan 2006 03:25:39 +0530, Rob Lingelbach wrote
>>> But give me Lawrence of Arabia over South Pacific
>>> any day.
>> It's Julie Andrews' fault.  Her singing I believe
>> was done by someone else.
> my mistake, it was Mitzi Gaynor, and Julie Andrews was in the Broadway
> production, and very much wanted the part in the film.  In fact it 
> might have
> been JA who sang Gaynor's parts in the film.
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