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Rob Lingelbach rob
Mon Jan 30 23:42:31 GMT 2006

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On Mon, 30 Jan 2006 17:57:43 -0500, Dave Corbitt wrote
> First of all, Julie Andrews was not in South 
> Pacific. The South Pacific Broadway role of Nelly Forbush
> was originated by Mary Martin and the film role was 
> played by Mitzi Gaynor. The part of Emil De Beque 
> was played on Broadway by Ezio Pinza and the film 
> role played by Rossano Brazzi with Ezio Pinza doing 
> the vocals while Rosanno lipsynched for all the songs.

whoops.  double mistake.  yes indeed, Mary Martin.  I stand corrected.
The album at my age of 5 years wore out a few needles on our phonograph.
The reason I thought Pinza was in the film was because the album cover of 
course had him as the deep tenor (I think actually he may have been a baritone).

I do seem to remember some intrigue my parents wouldn't explain to me as to 
why MM didn't get the film role and MG did...
Since it was 47 years ago I forgive myself :-)

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