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Fri Mar 31 17:51:41 BST 2006

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Disclaimer:  Post by Ralph Edwards of Frontniche


I will be in Los Angeles for the next few weeks with the first Vutrix production-level 1920x1200 23" tft lcd HDSDI screen (we also have 37" and 47" 1920x1080 models).  A few weeks back our screens were lumped in with all other lcd screens.  Now I can show you why and how we are different, and what we have done to address all of the issues, of which we are well aware, brought up by several of you.  

We feature 10- and 12-bit RGB HDSDI Dual-Link inputs, black stretch for extended black detail, adjustable backlight, 16-bit internal processing (licensed exclusively from the BBC patent), spot on colorimetry, variable gamma, all HD and SD formats, internal wfm, etc.  Coming soon:  2D/3D user LUT upload functionality.  

If you are in  LA and would like to have a look, please call me.  

By the way, if someone tells you the whites blow out on our screens, ask them to call me and I will help them set the screen up properly (especially if that person has a personal commercial interest in promoting one particular product over another, and can't possibly have seen our current production 1920x1080 models).  I have refrained as best I can from further blatant marketing, but since our name was mentioned (and dissed) in the recent posts regarding lcd screens, I felt I had a right to respond directly.  I will be posting more details to the wiki shortly regarding NAB.

Kind regards,

Ralph Edwards
Frontnichie North America

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