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> Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
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> On Mon, 27 Feb 2006 23:35:02 -0800, Robin Rowe wrote
>> Took a look at the TIG archive. The ETC screening of
>> South Pacific was lovely, but showed how poor the
>> original image was in places. The decision was to
>> restore it as closely as possible to original, which
>> seemed far below what modern digital restoration
>> technology could do. It could have looked strikingly
>> better with the filters removed.
>> The ETC screening was missing 15 minutes of footage
>> that was not in the original premiere but many
>> people have seen because it was later added to the
>> distributed movie. The reason was not enough room on
>> a D5 tape to show it without a reel change.

Sorry - have to correct this.

The ETC screening was the original version of the movie, not the 'Road Show'
version. The 'missing 15 minutes' is not missing, and exists on the DVD. We
went to extreme lengths to restore this 'missing material from the only
available element which was a print found in the UK.

The main reason that the longer version was not shown is that the quality of
some of this 'missing material' is not up to that of the main body. We made
a new intermediate film element from the print, and this was edited in HiDef
to make a new D5 version. This new film element was 'preserved' in the same
way at the rest of the film was. A secondary reason is that is would not
have fitted on a D5, and we would have had to use a server for playback.

The decision to leave the color effects in place was to preserve the
original intent of the film. Since they were done in camera there does not
exist any film with 'normal' color so it would have been virtually
impossible to achieve a 'normal' look. These shots would not have looked
better as there is no residual color to work with.

The restoration project was constrained to a budget which did not include
making a new digital negative from the photo-chemical film restoration. Also
given more time/money it would have been possible to fix some of the more
gross problems that exist. Examples are reel 13 which was a recombination
from separations, and could have been realigned digitally. There were
several other examples of this too numerous to mention. What was shown was a
modern digital restoration, but constrained by time & money - like most
things these days.

Paul Chapman


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