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Thu Mar 16 09:55:00 GMT 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Of all the TFT/LCD monitors I've tested recently the Cine-tal looks to be one of the best. It has good shadow detail and colourimetery, with good highlight control.

As I write this I'm playing with a panasonic TFT, and while I do like its viewing angle and general colour rendition, it can't track greyscales!

If I load a gray ramp in to my iQ and vary the master gain there is a noticible chroma distortion on the ramp as various levels change... Not good.

I do like the Sony LMD series, but the viewing angel is a bit small - and it's not full 1920 resolution.

The other monitor recently tested is the FrontNiche, which is ok, but highlights do tend to blow out too easily.

However, I also use projectors - from the small/cheap JVC HD2K to expensive Christie 2000X/Barco DP90, and find them very stable and useable.


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