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Marc Wielage mfw
Tue Mar 7 03:28:44 GMT 2006

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> I am using a Pogle platinum with a Spirit and i am wondering why the transport
> is so damn unresponsive...

When we first got our Spirits in LA about 8 years ago (hard to believe it's
been that long), many of our operators felt the same way.  After some
testing, though, we realized that part of it is because you can no longer
see the film frame "inch" its way through the gate.  This is part of what
gives the operator the overall impression that the transport is

I think there are some subtle adjustments that a good engineer (or better
yet, the factory tech) can make to a stock Spirit to improve the transport
response time, but I doubt that these are simple to do.  They could probably
speed up the inch-forward / inch-backwards response, and I think that would
solve most of it.

That having been said, the transport of a good Turbo is probably always
going to react faster than a Spirit.  On the other hand, the Spirit
(arguably) puts out a better picture.  There's always compromises.

And it could always be worse:  you could be trying to color-correct from a
D-1 tape machine, which I always felt was the worst transport you could
encounter on either a Pogle or a daVinci.

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