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Bob Friesenhahn bfriesen
Thu Mar 16 16:26:07 GMT 2006

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On Thu, 16 Mar 2006, Digital Praxis wrote:

> Of all the TFT/LCD monitors I've tested recently the Cine-tal looks 
> to be one of the best. It has good shadow detail and colourimetery, 
> with good highlight control.

I saw a Cine-tal LCD in the HPA Tech Retreat demo room.  The image was 
very nice, but it should be mentioned that where Cine-tal really 
shines is with its built in LUT support and associated firmware. 
Besides applying a LUT suitable for the attached LCD, the display can 
apply a LUT for its HD-SDI output so it could be used to correct color 
for another viewing device (e.g. a CRT or projector).  Assuming that 
the LUT quality is up to snuff, this could save money and space by 
avoiding use of a separate color correction box.  As I recall, the 
built in software is capable of doing many useful things such as 
displaying a histogram or comparing between two LUTs anywhere on the 
image.  These features are perhaps more useful in the field or for 
monitoring than for grading.

The Cine-tal approach is to find and use the best production LCD panel 
commercially available and adapt to it without modifying the panel 
itself.  This differs from the eCinema Systems approach where 
production panels are dissassembled in a clean-room and electronics 
are added in order to improve the basic performance of the panel 
itself (within the bounds of what is possible).

Regardless of current efforts, LCD panels continue to be constrained 
to an 8-bit interface internally so they will be only an 
approximation.  There is also the issue that an LCD pixel is on for 
the entire duration of the frame whereas film and CRT only flash the 
color for a brief instant.  This has an effect on observed motion 
which extends beyond the "well known" LCD pixel response time.

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