[Tig] Master Colorist Awards last call...

Michael Orton mike
Mon Mar 20 04:12:58 GMT 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Jack, I should mention that we beat this subject to death last year, and
maybe the year before as well.

All of the longstanding telecine-type color corrector companies have fully
supported this group and its members in the past, together with many of the
new entrants to the CC world. If a company chooses to spend its promotional
dollars thus, I see it as nothing but positive.

Perhaps a better analogy might be a typewriter company sponsoring a writing
competition. Of course, the real contention is how we define the ?best?
colorist, so its perhaps as well that the sponsoring company has the final

Disclaimer: my present company has a DaVinci, but my past places have been
Pandora/daVinci/Dubner/Cintel, you-name-it. Oh, and they?ve all bought me
drinks at one time or another.

Best to all,


On 3/20/06 1:25 PM, "Jack James" <jack at surrealroad.com> wrote:

> It seems a bit rubbish that all entries must have been graded using a da
> vinci product. It's a bit like having a writing contest just for people who
> use biros.
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> Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
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> Davinci colorists.. You have only 2 days left!
> -mike
> Last Call for Entries!
> To the 
> Third Annual Master Colorist Awards
> Sponsored by da Vinci

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