[Tig] Sony 32" monitors

dcorbitt77 at comcast.net dcorbitt77
Fri Mar 24 20:01:58 GMT 2006

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With all due respect, a 24" monitor in no way will suffice. Bigger in this case is better, expecially for the suites of the next couple of years that will need to do both traditional telecine for HD and SD broadcast / cable / sattellite / HD-DVD delivery and for DI work on a budget. Please re-read my earlier entry. Remember, the 32" series BVMs are not big enough or good enough to meet published SMPTE specs dating back to the 70's and no one is going to be able to get buidget approval for CRTs at prices being asked as they get phased out.

Dave Corbitt
Technicolor Creative Services NY
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