[Tig] Why isn't HDR(-like) rendering more widespread?

Dan C. Tatut dtatut
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Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Thanks for the invitation, yes I will upload a description of the product and where you can find us probably this week-end (yes we are working hard before NAB...)
Meanwhile people interested in arranging a meeting to discuss these technical things at the NAB can write to me directly. To get more information about the product you can go to http://www.chrome-imaging.com. Although the website will be updated soon (next week) with new information you can already get an idea of what the product is.
Also I'm trying not to be to agressive with the commercial part here because the TIG is not an advertising spot and rules must be respected..

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Dan, why don't you put your company information and what's coming at NAB on the TIG NAB Interest wiki page? It looks like it will be of interest to the majority of TIG'rs.


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and it is even more important when secondary color corrections come into play... especially when animating extreme color corrections. If you use only LUT (1D/3D) based, clipping occurs and you loose precision. Also when combining several secondary without 32-bit float precision, in 8 bit or 10bit will quickly result in loss of quality...

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