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Graham Collett grahamcollett
Thu Mar 30 20:26:22 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Sorry Bob this is called art  ...  film is an art made by artists,
conceived by artists and finished by artists ... Unfortunately some
people are trying to programme it into an algorithm

Graham Collett
Sprockets(telecine) Ltd
, there should be no noticeable chaos at all.

So we have

Before Shooting
   Scripts, rough sketches, set design, location scouting, bribes,

   Angles, light, positions, green-screens, makeup, shouting, cursing.

   A million or more frames of all kinds of stuff, including when the
   camera man accidentally had the camera on when it was pointing at
   the ground.

   Throw away the junk, make rhyme out of chaos, film is
   basically there.

   Make the edited work look as good as it can be.

Somewhere in this mess fits the rendering which plays a key role in 
many modern films.  This work is usually done at specialized places 
using specialized proprietary methods and specialized hardware and 
proprietary software.  The files are quite large and may have 20 or 30 
layers, each of which uses samples of 32 bit or 64-bit floating point. 
I see that the output of this effort fits somewhere between "dailies" 
and "editing".  By the time the work makes it to the editor, hopefully 
it is already a pretty good RGB image without huge file sizes and the 
need to deal with 30 layers.  So the work should be exported from the 
complex linear form used by the rendering folks into a simpler RGB 
form which is suitable for use by the editors, colorists, and film 
printers.  If the rendering folks have done their job properly, it 
should not be necessary for this RGB to be in an "HDR" format since 
HDR represents additional opportunity for "chaos".

Bob Friesenhahn
bfriesen at simple.dallas.tx.us,
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