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I have always wondered how a 22khz sine wave can be sampled at 
44khz and reproduced as a sine wave not a square wave.  
Or even worse a 21.9khz sine.  I have been told it is simulated 
with filtering.  I have always felt that high frequencies 
reproduced from a CD were harsh sounding I assumed this was due
to the lack of samples per wave causing harmonics.  Can anyone 
help me understand this process.

Don't get me wrong, I have given up on my vinyl and love the convenience
of CDs.  And to get back on subject...I am deep into setting up a 
workflow to generate DCPs of trailers for Digital Cinema.  This 
transition is after 25 years in the film business.  As much as I 
love film it is inevitable that for the masses digital cinema is the way 
of the future and can present a much better experience.  I hope it 
will not head down the same path as digital audio (Itunes) but will 
continue to improve and perhaps become better than a pristine film print.
My first problem with the DCI spec is that the idea of 2048 (4096) pixels
across matching the S35 scan resolution.  This overlooked the fact that 
2048 in the camera aperture scan width not the projected image width.
This means an S35 scan needs to be blown up 4.5% digitally to match 
the film print.  There is those darn aliasing and rounding errors fed 
through a filter again!

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Aliasing, while a feature of all band-limited digital sampling  
systems, is not a significant problem with CD-Audio.

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> Aliasing

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