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Bob Friesenhahn bfriesen
Fri Mar 31 05:32:04 BST 2006

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On Thu, 30 Mar 2006, Jim Houston wrote:
> And to put up the ' strawman ' so you can see what we are thinking about:
> What if a format had all the good features of DPX without the huge matrix
> of different possible encodings.  Pick some simple encoding that can be
> referred to an absolute color space (such as RIMM/ROMM or XYZ).  Use
> 16-bit half-floats (ala OpenEXR) to allow high-dynamic range images.
> Look for high-quality low-level compression no greater say than Sony's SRW.
> Establish standard transforms in and out of all of the most common
> devices (film, digital cameras, scanner/telecines, rec709/sRGB monitors)
> Define a color management system for the film-industry that shows
> how each step in a production process has to take care of it's part
> in handling and converting color files,  and  create containers
> for image data and metadata that can carry along all the pieces
> people need for production at both the file and 'reel' level.

This sounds like major catch-up for over 15 years of almost no usable 
published standards related to applying computer technology to motion 
picture production.  The "video" folks have had a working (albeit 
inflexible) system for all that time.

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