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Dick Hobbs dick
Fri Mar 31 08:11:03 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
I have to put my weight behind Steve Shaw here.

We can always argue for higher quality, greater precision, more  
sophisticated processing. But people making movies need to get  
workflows together today, and are accepting what is available.

We all know that the Viper (for example) produces an image that is  
just a fraction of what film can do, but serious directors are  
accepting it as good enough. They are compressing the output, because  
recording on a Sony SRW is convenient, fast and is...good enough.

Let's go back to our CD analogy. Anyone with a glancing knowledge of  
acoustics knows that the limit of the finest human hearing is 20kHz,  
getting worse as the ears get older. So the designers of CDs took  
20kHz, added the Nyquist factor of two and a bit, and came up with  
the (admittedly slightly odd) number of 44.1kHz.

Yes, absolute purists can claim that this has some audible impact on  
transients, but the vast majority of the audience will never know,  
which is why CDs are universally accepted.

As I said a few days ago, there will be some purists who notice the  
loss in moving to digital cinema, but for 99.999% of the audience  
(who have never seen the first projection of a print struck from the  
OCN) the gains far, far outweigh the disadvantages.

There are more than enough problems in launching digital cinema, like  
building a 4k projector. Oh, and JPEG2000 looks great on paper but  
building codecs is proving to be extremely troublesome.

Steve and his clients are making movies that look good enough to keep  
audiences happy, and doing so profitably. That actually counts for  
quite a lot.



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