[Tig] 35fL versus 20/22fL - so what's really the difference? and black marks

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Mon May 1 18:37:56 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG

I'd propose that you highlight that members can and
should set delete filters for people or companies
who's postings they do not wish to receive due to
whatever criteria (including commercial content).  I
think that this is the most sensible way to deal with
it.  It eliminates all the complaints and provides
each and every member full control of what they
receive.  Those who would not set such a filter might,
presumably, see some value in what any company or
individual posts.

This does not mean a total negation of forum rules,
but it might provide for pre/post trade show
information transfer without offending those who would
much rather not know what is going on.

-Martin Euredjian
 eCinema Systems, Inc.

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