[Tig] RaveHD at NAB, thanks....

Ramona Howard ramona
Wed May 3 06:44:25 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Wanted pass on a thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth and suite to
check out RaveHD, it was fun sharing with the first timers and even better to 
share with those that have followed us from the start.

Look for native QT support and data conform to roll out fast along with many 
other new features that were in the works prior to the show.
I will be working down my very long list and contacting everyone within the 
next two weeks. ?We will also be scheduling demo boxes to arrive in LA within
this time frame so please let me know if your interested in getting on the

Those of you that didn't go to Vegas, AJA announced a 2K to HD crop
feature :). ?This is a firmware update and will see this immiedietly within
I didn't make it out of the suite all week, as demos were non-stop from 11am 
to 8:30pm, but did manage a peek at the new davinci product Resolve, very 
nice.....we are adding in SAN support as we speak to support this new 
addition and expect it to be a very popular combination with RaveHD.
Again thanks to all who stopped by, pictures and info will be up by the end of
the week for those interested.
Ramona Howard

SpectSoft, LLC
593 Hi-Tech Parkway Suite B
Oakdale, CA 95361
Phone: 209.847.7812 Fax: 209.847.7859

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