[Tig] LUTs for Video File Codecs - carrots

Adrian Thomas adrian
Wed May 3 15:12:38 BST 2006

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On May 3, 2006, at 15:55, woz wrote:

> I will agree that relatively trivial changes such as noise  
> reduction might
> help a little but overall you grade for the look, the codec is  
> merely a cart
> in which to safely carry the carrot (or onion if you prefer).
> However as a general rule, (if you want one) with the type of
> temporal/spatial codecs now in use, the less detail and change of  
> detail you
> have in your pictures, and the lower the resolution, the better  
> they will
> code within a given bitrate.

This is something of a long established fallacy - that DNR assists in  
lossy compression schemes. It should always be borne in mind that  
sophisticated  lossy CODECs rely upon psychovisual effects to mask  
their losses, including picture noise. If you spend time removing  
normal levels of noise from your programme prior to compression, the  
most likely result will be to make your CODECs compression artifacts  
MORE visible.

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