[Tig] 35fL versus 20/22fL - so what's really the difference?

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Mon May 1 21:05:29 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
> They are significant enough that a colorist makes
> different choices depending upon which one they are
> looking at.   Yes, to a casual observer they might
> think
> they are close enough (or their eye has adapted to
> the
> environment of each)  But that isn't the question
> I was answering.

I wouldn't consider myself and those who I have
secretly (until later revealed) or openly put through
some tests to be casual observers.  But, I am willing
to remain very open minded with regards to this.  

I am, just like anyone else, trying to learn as much
as I can.  In my case it allows me to make better
product and technology decision.  In the case of those
applying the technology, it, of course, enables proper
utilization through having some "sense of proportion".

To this end, I am more than willing to foot the bill
to conduct testing in this very area.  I can get
behind two very specific ideas:

1- Testing at eCinema's facility
2- Testing at a trade show (IBC'06?)

In both cases I'd hire set builders to come in and
setup several adjoining viewing rooms.  Each room
would have a preamble and all rooms would have
entry/exit from a common controlled area.  The idea
here is that you'd go from an illumination-controlled
area --common to all rooms-- into a preamble that
would serve as a pre-test adaptation area (say, 2
minutes) and then, finally, enter the real test room. 
Each room would have a different setup.  

I can think of many interesting combinations involving
viewing environment and device calibrations.  

Those interested in participating would be asked to go
into each room (following a predetermined adaptation
sequence) and answer a number of questions.  None of
those viewing the images would be told what is in each
room.  If this is done at IBC, we could even include
the effects of various amounts of alcohol in the
testing procedure!  :-) No other substances would be
allowed, of course.

My preference would be to do this at eCinema's shop in
Los Angeles  (we can probably devote about 2,000
square feet for the test).  Pulling this off at a show
could cost upwards of US$50K by the time you get done.
 Of course we'd have loads more people available for
the test, which might be worth the effort and costs
involved.  I would also prefer to time this with the
availability of my HDR LCD's as, with this, there will
be absolutely no LCD-vs-CRT issues in testing.

Anyhow, I do have to stop posting now (sometimes it's
hard) as it does take time I do not have much of at
the moment.  Just wanted to say that I am very
interested in the subject and more than willing to put
my money where my mouth is.  If this is of interest to
members, please contact me off-list and we can start
to formulate a plan.  Please use my eCinema address
rather than the address I use for the TIG (which gets
all the SPAM).  The address is "martin" at
"ecinemasys" dot "com".


-Martin Euredjian
 eCinema Systems, Inc.

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