[Tig] da vinci tape-to-tape, then apply to 2k files?

Jamie jamie
Mon May 1 19:16:17 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
I apologize in advance if this is a completely moronic question.

Wanted to ask if it's possible that:

1). after a 1080P tape-to-tape color session from/to a Rec.709 D5, that 

2). the same da vinci 2k color list from above could be applied with
accuracy to/from 16bit tiff files at 1080 @ 24.00 maintaining 4:4:4 color
sampling all the way? Would the conversion be in 16bit or 12bit (common SGI
limit) or even float?

The un-color corrected D5 master used as a source for the tape-to-taoe
session was created from the same tiffs we're looking to apply the color
list to. I understand that a color list where the client viewed & approved
the Rec. 709 result is not the same color space as the 16b native 1920x1080
RGB tifs, but would it be very close?


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