[Tig] 35fL versus 20/22fL - so what's really the difference? and black marks

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Mon May 1 18:31:16 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
>  ...do I feel another of Michael's black marks
> coming on....?

OK, got it:  Spend time on the TIG.  Give us and share
information, research and experience ... but never,
ever talk about your work ... geez!

What non-manufacturers talk about is your "product"
... the result of your daily work and the experience
garnered through that process.  What manufacturers
talk about is the result of their work and the
experience garnered through that process ... it just
happens to take the form of products.  Having been on
both sides of the equation I do appreciate all points
of view (despite what anyone might think).  

To me the issue is very simple:  If an occasional
highlighting of something a manufacturer is doing
bothers you, set a filter to simply delete any message
posted by that person or manufacturer.  It really
isn't that difficult.

Of course, some would say:  "I can't do that.  I learn
and derive value from postings by (person or company)
because they share valuable insight, knowledge and
research".  Of course, you can't have it both ways. 
Manufacturers are not educators.  One has to be able
to attach value to any assignment of time and effort. 
Some of it is good will...but not all of it.

Maybe I'm the only one who's willing to say this

OK, got to disappear for a few months now.  Lots of
work to complete by IBC.

-Martin Euredjian
 eCinema Systems, Inc.

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