[Tig] 35fL versus 20/22fL - so what's really the difference? and black marks

Dick Hobbs dick
Mon May 1 18:59:46 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
It's worth remembering that Martin's original comment was a throwaway  
joke. I can't find the original quickly, but it was something along  
the lines of "sorry there were no giveaways but I spent the money  
developing a great new product". That does not sound like flagrant  
advertising to me.

Rob's original rules, by which we generally continue to live, were  
designed to prevent manufacturers taking over the list with out and  
out marketing. That seems to me to be a commendable aim, and one  
which we should continue to maintain.

But manufacturers responding briefly to a request for information  
from other contributors also seems fair to me. Stuart's recent post  
about Grass Valley Bones was probably a bit over the top but not a  
huge amount: someone wanted to know how to do something and a  
manufacturer came up with at least one answer.

And jokes are always welcome, from whatever source.

Dick Hobbs

Standard disclaimer: I have worked for most manufacturers one way or  
another in the past, and with luck I will continue to do so in the  
future. The day job remains helping people to communicate clearly and  


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