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Rob Lingelbach rob
Thu May 4 06:17:13 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG

On May 3, 2006, at 1:13 , NextGen Assoc Stan Chayka wrote:

> Would you expect sound to be mixed to the performance of some piezio
> transducer in a cell phone? or is the correct approach to mix to  
> the best
> sound system available?

Hi Stan.  So just how was the voice option for Starboat... no was  
that Showcolor.. well, the
predecessor to Copernicus, which many colorists used in those fun  
days of the 80s. (and enjoyed
using).. did you mix the voice to the speaker (was the voice  
multichannel so it could emanate from
for example the green gain by saying "that's only 5 units of green  
gain sport" and direct you to the
pot...  In truth we loved the voice option.

> Unless the sound was only used in such cases as ring tones and such.

My current idea of what to do with all the discarded cellphones (the  
figure is staggering --there's something
like a football stadium of them being thrown away every day) is to  
apply a small solar panel to the back for
charging the battery, do a slight redesign to the circuitry to  
increase power and provide frequency-hopping, and
ship them into low-earth orbit by the millions, where they could be  
used by anyone anywhere as a repeater or
data bandwidth with just a bit of Doppler to deal with on the ground.
Oh, and make it a SETI experiment by having all the phones emit  
ringtones while they wing around in tight fast

Rob Lingelbach

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