[Tig] How to lessen a grainy shot that was underexposed?

Ted Langdell ted
Sat May 6 02:46:36 BST 2006

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Hi, TIG readers...

A question on behalf of Final Cut Pro editor Dave Poole... who was 
seeking help on the sfcutters.org list:

I've asked what tools he has in addition to FCP and will post that info 
on arrival.

Don't know how long the shot is but will ask that and what the 
originating medium was.


On May 5, 2006, at 6:01 PM, Dave Poole wrote:

> I have some footage that was shot in the early evening, maybe 5:30 pm.

> My zebra stripes led me astray and I closed down the iris a bit too 
> much resulting in a grainy shot.  The adjacent clips aren't grainy 
> (one inside, one outside - same time of day).

> I've bumped up the whites and mids a bit with the 3-way CC but anyone 
> have any luck getting stuff to look less grainy?

>  I'd like to avoid making the adjacent clips look grainy to match the 
> shots but I've considered that option.

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