[Tig] Trailer: SMS Sugar Man - 1st cellphone feature film

Rob Lingelbach rob
Sat May 6 21:47:10 BST 2006

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On May 6, 2006, at 8:38 , Dick Hobbs wrote:
> As it is being distributed on 35mm release prints, then there is no  
> semantic reason not to call it a feature film. On the other hand,  
> the Quicktime trailer looks pretty crap, so heaven knows what it is  
> going to look like on a big screen.

Hi Dick, I'm not sure that the release medium defines what we call a  
particular work.  If I write a "tune" with one note only (apologies  
to T. Jobim) and have it played on the radio for
2 minutes 30 seconds, does that make it a 'song', or 'music'..   
perhaps an even closer analogy would be to remove about 70% of the  
harmonics of the note, and not vary its loudness...
I don't wish to criticize modernism or postmodernism, just the use of  
the language.   (we used to call the one note and a triangle within a  
circle [?] the Conelrad Alert System; today it would
be a major work of art?)

> The director defends the use of cellphone cameras on dramatic  
> grounds: the cellphone is (apparently) critical to the action, and  
> in effect the actors are shooting their own scenes. The whole drama  
> is an exercise in POV, taken to its logical conclusion.

one would think a trailer a promotional tool, in this case (well for  
me anyway) it becomes anti-promotional :]   Anyway, stretching the  
envelope, as the idea used to be called, is not in itself a bad idea.

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