[Tig] Trailer: SMS Sugar Man - 1st cellphone feature film

Dick Hobbs dick
Sat May 6 12:38:53 BST 2006

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Rob makes an interesting point. Throughout the website for SMS Sugar  
Man it is referred to as a "feature film". The implication is that  
the director thinks it is a full-length drama that people will pay  
money to see in a cinema.

As it is being distributed on 35mm release prints, then there is no  
semantic reason not to call it a feature film. On the other hand, the  
Quicktime trailer looks pretty crap, so heaven knows what it is going  
to look like on a big screen.

The director defends the use of cellphone cameras on dramatic  
grounds: the cellphone is (apparently) critical to the action, and in  
effect the actors are shooting their own scenes. The whole drama is  
an exercise in POV, taken to its logical conclusion.

Regular to these pages Steve Shaw would, I feel sure, claim that  
Silence Becomes You is a feature film. Michael Mann would certainly  
say it of Collateral. So is it a feature film if it is shot digitally  
on a Viper but not a Sony Ericsson?

As they used to say in exam questions: discuss.



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