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Bob Friesenhahn bfriesen
Sun May 7 21:49:23 BST 2006

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On Sun, 7 May 2006, Dan C. Tatut wrote:
> Now this one is for Bob Friesenhahn: in my opinion, there is very 
> little chance to have PAL-based countries adopt any of the ATSC 
> standards, and that because of the reasons I mentioned above.

They already have.  Where do you think that 1920x1080/24P comes from? 
The USA is the first country to massively deploy digital HDTV. 
Whichever standard is broadly implemented first is likely to succeed. 
The global economy has changed dramatically over the last ten years, 
so we can expect considerably more re-use of technology than there 
used to be.

Since as you say, ATSC HD is based on layered standards, the PAL-based 
countries are free to re-use the image structure while chosing a 
broadcast modulation scheme which is a better fit for the broadcast 
model used in those countries.

As you say, HD is all about economics.  HD has been taking off quickly 
in the USA, but primarily for customers purchasing sets of 40 inches 
and larger, and (until this year) more due to the popularity of DVD 
than HD.  Compelling content is critical, and luckily such content has 
been available in the USA for over five years now.

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