[Tig] Super-8 HD transfer

Rob Houllahan lunarfilms
Tue May 9 21:24:24 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Robert Lovejoy wrote:
> Hi Rob,
>     Over the years I've heard great things about Brodsky and Tredway 
> for 8mm film transfer.
I know them, we transfer Super-8 on a Rank Frankenturbo(my term)  with a 
4:4:4 quattroscan and most of the DAV mods so if they wanted SD we would 
just do it. I sent a big job (130 cartridges) of S-8 color neg (B&T only 
do pos) to technicolor earlier this year maybe I should call them, this 
guy wants a scan on a spirit or similar not a chain (B&T) or a Turbo (us) .


Robert Houllahan
VP Cinelab inc,

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