[Tig] How to lessen a grainy shot that was underexposed?

woz warrenl
Mon May 8 03:58:22 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
> It looks like we are talking about a frame by frame process?

...yes unless fcp accepts the plugin (which I doubt). but they coud be
exportes as tiffs and batched in photoshop- I suppose it depends on the
length of the shot and time/budget available etc.
I wouldn't necessarily do it that way, in fact I never thought of using a
stills plugin until neatimage was suggested. Not really sure if it would
look ok on continuous frames but its worth a try as its inexpensive.
My preference would be to use an (adaptive) hardware dvnr if available,or a
de-noise plugin for fcp (lots more money I think) but if needs/ budget
dictate otherwise then the stills method.
  I only mentioned neatimage as an alternative to ninja because I thought
(BIG CAVEAT  in my opinion only) it was superior.
woz (itv)

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