[Tig] PAL HD

Bill Topazio BTopazio
Tue May 9 21:02:16 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Good point Rob, although TLAs (three-letter acronyms) and GONs (gratuitously obfuscatory nomenclature) seems to be the way of the world, regardless of how FUBAR that might sound.  If you don't know all the TLAs, you're SOL, IMHO.
For myself, well, DILLIGAS.

> On May 7, 2006, at 1:47 , Bob Friesenhahn wrote:
> >
> > In the US we use the ATSC standards, which encompass ...
> > of delivering HD video.  Countries currently using PAL could chose  
> > to use the ATSC standard, or they could use some subset of ATSC  
> > standards along with COFDM to broadcast the signal.
> I think it would be great if the acronyms that are more obscure to  
> non-engineers were defined more often in postings...

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