[Tig] How to lessen a grainy shot that was underexposed?

Simon Burley simon
Mon May 8 13:36:26 BST 2006

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Ted Langdell wrote:

 > A question on behalf of Final Cut Pro editor Dave Poole... who was 
seeking help on the sfcutters.org list:


Jack James wrote:
 > The only recourse at this stage is to do some sort of median filter 
on it.
 > Pretty much everything you try will ruin the image
 > to some degree though.

Respectfully Jack, I don't agree.
We've been working with a number of broadcast and theatrical release 
jobs that have noise or grain problems of one sort or another, and in 
all cases have substantially reduced or eliminated the problem without 
introducing softness or loss of detail. (In fact we frequently bring out 
detail that was lost before in the noise or grain)

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