[Tig] super 8

Maurice Schechter mschechter
Thu May 11 16:38:04 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Hi Rob,

We have a super 8 gate for our Ursa Gold yfront that is 444 SD out. We 
started to transfer color negative for indie work for blowup to 35mm on 
our arri. When we looked early on for the super 8 gate for our sprit , 
seeing how in HD it took the coarse grain of the super 8 and emphasized 
it too much, taking away the softer feel of what super 8 looks like 
projected. We decided not  to go this route.

Using the Y front to hide some film defects and the DVNR to grain manage 
, transfering to ntsc digi beta, upcoverting using the teranex in film 
mode to 1080p23.98 to D5, the look on HD and film is nice. Another 
choice is to transfer the film at 25 fps, PAL then upconvert slow pal  
to 1080p23.98

Another feature we offer is perc cleaning on a lipsner smith ,

This how we do it and would be happy to to a test for you

Maurice Schechter
Chief Engineer
Duart Film & Video
245 w 55th St.
NY, NY 10019

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