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Russell Branch russell
Wed May 24 01:01:45 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
With reference to 9300 CTV white point setting - unfortunately it is all
very well to point to "global standards" and specifications for D65 and tell
clients that "This is how it should be!" but take it from someone who used
to design TV's for a living for many years (UK based for a Japanese
manufacturer) - TV's are routinely white balanced for 9300K in Japan, China
and Korea. (The blue-ish white looks brighter amongst the chrome and
fluorescents of Akihabara Electric Town)
The difference can be quite ghastly, especially for skin tones and it should
be essential to check any "standard" (D65/REC709) graded footage on a
display calibrated for 9300K if the Far East is the end destination.
Here I have to declare an interest - InnoMedia are the EU importers for
Cine-tal monitors. However, that aside Cine-tal LCD monitors DO have the
capability to accurately self calibrate to any color temperature between
4000K and 9600K (in steps of 100degrees) combined with any gamma between 0.9
and 2.9, and store up to 5 of these calibration settings for instant
This would certainly provide a more calibrated environment than feeding a
Nitris to an Asian bought TV.
Apologies if this is too blatant a plug, it was a genuine question and my
answer would have been the same even if I worked for someone else - however,
if there are any other calibrated LCD monitors that can switch between D65
and 9300K please let me know off list, and I will happily name check them as
well :-)

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