[Tig] why vectorscopes aren't that useful for color matching

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Sat May 20 22:05:07 BST 2006

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From: glenn chan

Or if available, many software-based color correctors have an eyedropper
that lets you sample a neutral color, and the color corrector does the white
balance for you.  

[lucas] This is true - as long as you know what white is. Most color
correctors do not let you assign white. Is it 940? 1023? Something else?
What is white? 

I find that approach the fastest (for a mouse+keyboard interface anyways),
and accurate enough.

[lucas] When you're dealing with broadcast specs, and your show will get
rejected if they don't meet those specs, "accurate enough" is dicey at best.

Because I work with software-based color correctors (mainly on the NLE
side), that spoils me.  You don't need a vectorscope for color balance when
you can eyedropper everything.  Matching colors is best done by eye.  That's
my experience anyways.

[lucas] Sure - as long as your monitor is calibrated, your lighting
environment is correct and your delivery is the same as your environment. 

This thread makes me recall my days as a mix engineer. A lot of rock bands
would want to crank the hell out of the bass and the snap on the kick in my
mix room, because it sounded incredible. And it did. And I would always make
two mixes - one that sounded incredible in the room, and one that would
sound good on the radio and in the average car stereo. Occasionally, for
really obstinate bands, I would put the mix on the Auratones for a minute
and let them decide if they really wanted the bass that far up and punchy in
the mix.

Environment is everything. If you're coloring "in the room," then it all
looks great. But don't expect it to look great anywhere else unless you've
set it up so you *know* it will look great.

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