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Bob Friesenhahn bfriesen
Tue May 23 22:48:40 BST 2006

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On Mon, 22 May 2006, John David Hukom wrote:
> Mabuhay from the Philippines.
> Can anyone shed some light on this concern.
> Our facility wide calibration is white point is at  6500k.
> When we do TV out projects like commercials we are baffled with the idea that 
> most of the tvs in asia are standard to 9300k

Consumer TVs seem to run hot all over the world (I hear that LCD flat 
panels are naturally 11000K!) and they seem to get hotter every year 
since hotter means brighter in the store.  Are you saying that you 
care about what the consumer sees?  Why would you care about that? 
Doesn't your reference display represent a large enough viewing 
audience for your customer?

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