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Jeremy Pollard jeremy.pollard
Thu May 11 02:56:26 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Jim Houston wrote:
 > To figure this out correctly you need to work backwards from
 > what they were seeing and then forwards to what you want
 > on your own display device.  This can be fairly complicated
 > and describing it fully is unfortunately beyond what a
 > concise e-mail can handle.

With the appropriate tools, this process of generating a LUT to enable previewing of material as it 
appears on another monitor can be quite simple.  Using a suitable probe (colorimeter or 
spectrophotometer) and software to take the measurements, you can build a profile of the two 
displays in question and then feed these into a tool to generate the required LUT (1D or 3D).

A similar process can be used to apply a LUT that will ensure the material looks correct in a 
"standard" colour space (e.g. sRGB, ITU-Rec.709 etc) so that it can be viewed on a reference monitor 
or exchanged between facilities without needing to know the specific characteristics of their 
displays.  Such LUTs can be generated in a wide range of formats (all of which are quite similar) 
for different applications to ensure consistency throughout the pipeline.  We have been doing this 
with our cineSpace colour management suite for a number of years.

Vendor "vested interest" disclaimers apply here. :)

Rajesh, I'm happy to discuss this further off-list if you wish.

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