[Tig] why vectorscopes aren't that useful for color matching

Rob Lingelbach rob
Sun May 21 05:11:35 BST 2006

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>> To my
>> eyes, the trace on the vectorscope is ambiguous as to which part  
>> corresponds
>> to a neutral color.
>> ------------------------------<snip>------------------------------<
> No, it's not ambiguous at all, if you know what to look for, based on
> experience.

it was always fun to try to imagine reconstructing an image on a  
monitor based only on
images (like photos) of the traces on the 'scopes.

A good colorist can take one quick glimpse (or even see peripherally)  
the trace on a vectorscope
and know that there's something amiss with the picture, or something  
correct, depending on
what is the 'reference.'   And sometimes there's no reference, so the  
'scope doesn't matter.
However, give a good colorist many years of experience on the same  
equipment in the same
suite, with the same type of original material, and most likely he or  
she can turn off the 'scopes
without much difference.  I can imagine how interesting it would be  
also to turn off the picture
monitor/system and use the 'scopes only..   analogous to Beethoven's  
later life composing, when
he was deaf...

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