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John David Hukom judgedave
Mon May 22 00:52:09 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Mabuhay from the Philippines.

Can anyone shed some light on this concern.

Our facility wide calibration is white point is at  6500k.

When we do TV out projects like commercials we are baffled with the  
idea that most of the tvs in asia are standard to 9300k

The TVs at "standard setting" is cool and in fact when I switched my  
Grading SGI CRT at 9300k the color in the TV and the SGI CRT  
perceptually match.

My Ecinema on the other hand does not have a 9300k LUT and the answer  
of ECinema on our query is that 9300 and other white points is not  
the standard, 6500k is.

BUt how do we categorically say to our TVC clients that what they see  
in the screen is what they will see on most Asia TVs. If what they  
see on our "grading " reference monitor is not what they expect.

If what they see is warmer image on our grading crt and if they  
dubout and playback on a normal tv what they see does not match what  
we saw on our SGI( 23 inch SGI CRT) monitors.

The same with our E cinema. ... I also took a simple survey of TVs  
during  broadcast and the TV out from our grading system (I connected  
a CRT Sony Wega  to our Nucoda Film Master System).

All our systems like the nitris shows the material warmer than the TV  

Unfortunately its what we see on the Sony wega that is closer to what  
we will see on air.

And thats not just "our tv" sets but even looking at other households.

I hope anyone can shed light on this. At least something clients can  
Categorically believe.


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