[Tig] why vectorscopes aren't that useful for color matching

glenn chan glennchan
Sun May 21 04:20:42 BST 2006

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Hi Lucas,

I believe you're talking about white level as opposed to white balance.
Most white balance controls leave the Y'/luma levels alone, so you can
adjust white level manually/seperately.

As far as monitoring for the audience goes... you raise some excellent
points.  Perhaps you can recall the thread on multiple monitors... there was
some rather heated discussion on similar issues.

2- To go on a bit of a digression here, "what is white?" is an interesting

In the real world, white can vary depending on the illumination/lighting
conditions.  As well, our eyes typically constantly white balance themselves
(some exceptions) and we do not notice gradual changes in lighting
conditions.  Because of this, I'd argue that no one will notice gradual
changes in white balance.  Hence doing a fast and imperfect job can be the
best approach.  If it's "accurate enough", it's very difficult to tell it
apart from a perfect job.

Secondly... many objects in the real world are imperfectly white.  If you
put two "white" objects side by side, you'll notice slight discrepancies in
chromaticity/color.  Some degree of off-whiteness is natural.
I'd argue that life is not that color accurate anyways, in most part because
of varying lighting conditions and to a lesser degree, specular reflections
and things changing color (i.e. people turn red when they blush, or after
too much BRRE).  A little inaccuracy is normal and generally not noticed.
Illegal levels or clipping is generally noticeable though and should be

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