Colorist training in US? (was Re: [Tig] color correction in Croatia)

Kevin Shaw kevs
Sun May 28 00:14:36 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Hi Ted and all

I am now freelance, but have continued to write "Notes" and post them on my
web site: they are available at

In addition to working as a colorist I also continue to give on site
training around the world, and sometimes do open courses sponsored by a

Nucoda offer training in their London and Los Angeles offices. They also do
courses around the world from time to time.

I am pretty sure that Silicon Color also give training.

Da Vinci still run their courses (for a fee) AFAIK

Thomson have a training scheme.

Not sure about Film Light, Autodesk, Pandora, Cintel etc but I would be
surprised if they could not offer or arrange training.

Bottom line, the facilities have little to gain by offering training, but
the manufacturers have everything to gain. Most of them have demo facilities
that can be used for practice or training the rest of the time. It does not
hurt to ask!

Happy coloring!
Kevin Shaw                 colorist, instructor and consultant
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> Subject: Colorist training in US? (was Re: [Tig] color correction in Croatia)
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> Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
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> Interesting thread!
> Googling "Telecine Colorist training" turned up some useful info,
> including Kevin Shaw's 37 page "Academy Notes" from the da Vinci
> Systems training website.

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