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Ken Robinson ken
Thu May 25 05:26:54 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Bob, I am so sorry about your brain.

Lets see if this soothes it.

The whole deal is really very simple, and I should have written the details 
so that no confusion occurred!

The camera is capable of high speed, full resolution up to 1000fps, or so 
the blurb tells me. As we have hidef in our Inferno/Flame set up, we would 
do any blue screen compositing in hidef, then drop down to SD at the last 
stage for transmission. I was asked if they should back up on 35mm. I don't 
have HD in my telecine. Thus, my first reaction was don't bother........

A private posting sent to me mentioned lighting.... And I have to agree, if 
the lighting isn't right....... But I know the DP, and that should be fine.

So, to sum up. This project will end up on air in SD only.

Feeling better Bob?

Ken Robinson
Senior Colourist

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> I am by no means a camera expert but this question and speculative answer 
> makes my brain hurt.  I see that the MotionXtra HG-100k is a specialty 
> high frame rate CMOS camera which is capable of capturing 1000 fps.  It is 
> not a normal "high def" camera.  "Standard def" is only good for 30 or 60 
> frames per second.  Presumably you would use a high frame rate 35mm film 
> camera if the intention is to capture a high frame rate for slow-motion 
> playback.
> If the target is standard def, the I would not automatically summarize 
> that compression is the limiting factor to quality since people seem quite 
> happy with the quality of DVD video.
> You will need to define your intentions better before any reasonable 
> justments can be made.
> Bob
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