[Tig] Re: Marconi B3410 Telecine

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Wed Nov 1 15:29:02 GMT 2006

> I'm not sure whether I'd run afoul of the advertising rule by  
> mentioning his name or e-mail address, so I won't unless Rob says  
> that's OK.  ROB??

the applicable rule, Ted, is that if you're not gaining financially  
from the information then post away!!
> (Not affiliated with or promoting any technical services I may have  
> mentioned in the course of this e-mail.)

that's all you need to say, so no you would not be afoul of any  
rules.   If I tell people hey, you can buy a new blahblah from
whosits at wheresitsat for only $1  and then I post your phrase just  
above, then it's fully within the rules.   They're really not
so complex, they follow the Usenet rules that go waaay back  :)


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